Hi there, I’m Mr. B.

I am the main person behind Nomad Tactics.

I could go on and on following the cookie cluster “About” page script that so many travel-related blogs and websites write. True but boring staff like “I have been to over 60 countries”, “I've been living a nomadic lifestyle for many years”...... ZZZzzzZZZ.

So I will just give a bullet point list of unique characteristics and things about myself:

  • I started living by myself when I was 13
  • I had guns pointed at my head twice
  • English isn’t my first language, so don’t expect Shakespearean prose
  • I drove from London to Mongolia in a 1 litre car
  • I love systems, so naturally will be my main way to approach nomadism
  • I am very much into humanities. So expect a fair share of philosophizing
  • I never smoke a cigarette
  • I once took “the next plane” to “wherever”
  • I have 3 passports

Enough for now about myself.

Oh, before I forget. There is also Jack. He is helping out on the website.

How would I describe him… hummm… peculiar, but a fine dude.

He might appear here and there, especially once the podcast starts. Ops, I think I said too much too soon....

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