A Strange Beginning

Jack: “...Strange times to start a blog about the nomad lifestyle I would say…”

Me: “Ok, I agree, but…”

That was how the first 5 minutes of my conversation [1] trying to explain the idea of my blog went.

If you are confused. Simply look at the date of this post.

May 2020.

Yeah, that is right. The Coronavirus crisis took over the whole globe. And with that came all the travel restrictions, rendering almost impossible a nomadic lifestyle [2].

So the worry of my friend seems at least legitimate. Why would I start a nomadic lifestyle blog in such an unfortunate time for travellers?

Without getting too philosophical I would say there are two reasons why I think it is appropriate to do so.

First, I believe, counter to many people, that the Coronavirus crisis will not deeply change the way the world runs [3]. In other words, I think once a vaccine or an effective medication comes out life will pretty much come back to how it was before the crisis and, with that, most social trends that were in place will continue. That means, more and more people will be adopting the nomadic lifestyle since this was the exact trend we could observe before the crisis.

I would go even further into claiming that this nomadic trend will be even stronger since many traditional companies (due to their new remote job arrangements during the Coronavirus crisis) will now allow their employees to work outside their offices. In short, once this crisis is over people will be back on the road more than ever, thus the demand for advice on the niche will grow [4].

Second, I believe the popular saying that with crisis usually comes opportunity. Let us think this in the context of the digital nomadism blogging niche. No doubt that many nomad-related blogs and websites took a big hit due to the Coronavirus crisis and many of those will go out of business. This means that many of the old players will come out of the game, and consequently, this will create a change in the paradigm of the niche. It is in times like this that a new blog like mine can most rapidly gain relevance post-crisis. Call it a levelling of the playing field.

Anyway, back to the conversation.

Jack: “… Ok, I kind of agree with that. But, isn’t there thousands of blogs talking about a nomadic lifestyle and becoming a digital nomad?”

Me: “Yes, there are, however…”

After dealing with the concern about the weird timing to start a blog in this niche, my friend came up with another legitimate concern. Namely, that there are already many blogs that talk about the nomadic lifestyle.

The common answer to this sort of worry is that you should not be concerned with the competition as long as you do a good job. Isn’t it how the saying goes? “Build it and they will come”. That is all well and good. I agree. But…

I think there is one more additional reason why it is appropriate for me to want to start the type of blog that I have in mind.

The reason is that there seems to be no blog that covers, in a systematic way, how to implement a nomadic life to its fullest. I will not extend myself for long here since, if you want, you can read the START HERE and ABOUT pages for further details.

But what I have noticed is the following…

Most blogs in nomad niche cover bits and pieces of the different aspects of life on the road. Don’t get me wrong, there is a lot of good advice out there. However, it always bothered me that there seems to be a lack of unity and cohesion in all the advice. There is no multi-faceted approach to nomadism that covers all the important aspects of life on the road (e.g. fitness, finance, travel planning, work, etc.) and how these relate to one another. If you combine that with the overwhelming propensity of nomads to like systems and ways to optimize their lives, then it seems to me that a gap in this blogging niche can be observed.

That is where Nomad Tactics comes into play. I hope to fill this gap by providing quality content to do with tips and systems that nomads could implement in their journey to make those more enjoyable and easier.

I think this is enough information for a first post. If you are still not sure what this blog will be all about don’t worry. Just follow the next posts and you will certainly get it. Also, if you still haven’t noticed (which I doubt it) by reading this first post, English is not my first language. I hope you are ok to bear a few grammatical errors here and there for the sake of the quality of the content that I am about to put out.

Hope to see you around,

Mr. B

[1] Virtual conversation to be more exact. That was the best we could do in times of social distancing.

[2] And by these I mean the lifestyle led by digital nomads, travel hackers, perpetual travellers or any sort of avid traveller what-so-ever.

[3] Sure, there will be some changes. Especially at the political level to do with the way governments try to prevent new pandemics like this. However, what I mean here is that at the individual level people will come back to behave more or less to how they used to behave before all this began.

[4] Well, I hope I am right… otherwise, my blog will fail, and I will have no choice other than declaring bankruptcy and going back to mama house.

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