An Overview of Our Digital Nomad Life System – Podcast 002

In this episode B and Jack talk about the best way to go about living a digital nomad life. In order to do so, they introduce their magnum opus Digital Nomad Life System. This is the system created by Nomad Tactics that aims to explain, step-by-step, how someone can go from living a non-nomadic normal life to living an optimized digital nomad life.

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1. Summary

1.1. An overview of the Digital Nomad Life System [2:22]

    • The Digital Nomad Life System is the system created by us at Nomad Tactics that aims to explain, step-by-step, how can someone go from living a non-nomadic normal life to living an optimized digital nomad life.
    • The digital nomad life system is a 6-step system.
    • The system is, for the most part, cyclical. In other words, most of the steps of the system will be something you will do over and over again as a digital nomad. The only step you will do once and be done with it is the first step of the system.
    • Almost all the episodes in this podcast will talk about topics related to the digital nomad life that will fall under one of the 6 steps of the Digital Nomad Life System.
    • In this episode, we just provided an overview of the Digital Nomad Life System. We will have, one or multiple, episodes that explain in-depth each and every step of the system.
    • Note that the order in which we will upload new podcast episodes will not necessarily coincide with the order of the steps of the Digital Nomad Life System. For example, we might upload an episode that falls under step 5, and then in the following week upload an episode that falls under step 2, and so on…

1.2. Nomadic Life Prep [6:08]

    • The actions someone needs to take beforehand to optimally transition from a normal stable life to a digital nomad life. There are many areas we will cover in this step of the system. The main areas being finances, logistics, and psychology.

1.3. Base Pre-Planning [10:46]

    • In this step, the digital nomad needs to select the major factors related to the base. These are things like, where the base will be, how long he will stay there, when is he going there, who he is going with, etc.

1.4. Base Research and Arrangements [13:07]

    • Once the nomad has selected the key variables related to the base (step 2), he needs to do some in-depth research about his soon-to-be new base. The base research step has four main sub-steps a digital nomad needs to go through. Some of the main areas will explore are listed below are the cost of living research, base-specific details, booking arrangements, and key travel experiences.

1.5. Arriving Process [16:24]

    • In this step, the digital nomad needs to do certain things as soon as he arrives at the base to make sure his stay will be as smooth as possible. This step usually takes one to two weeks to be concluded. Some items in this step are done as soon as he arrives and some of the items are done throughout the week.

1.6. Nomadic Living [18:41]

    • This is the broadest of all steps in the system. It basically can be understood as all the advice that would be relevant to a digital nomad when he is living in a base. This is of course very much context-sensitive depending on the specific situation of the digital nomad. The great majority of podcast episodes will fall under this step. Some examples of topics we will cover here are solo travel, work-play balance, how to avoid scams, among many other things.

1.7. Departing Process [21:24]

    • In this step, the digital nomad needs to do certain things a couple of days before he is departing from his current base to his new base. This will guarantee a smooth base transition. This step usually takes one or two weeks to be concluded.

For a better understanding, here’s the chart we spend a fortune on:

2. Transcript

Mr. B: Hey hello welcome to the nomad tactics podcast. Here we provide life optimizing tips and systems for digital nomads. I'm your host B. and I'm joined today with a co host Mr Jack. The topic today will be the digital nomad life system I would start with a quick summary of the episode. First me and Jack we'll talk about some general considerations off the digital nomad life system there's always some caveats about it. After that me and Jack going to present the six main steps of the system. Step number one: Nomadic life prep. Step number two: Based pre planning. Step number three: Base research and arrangements. Step number four: arriving process. Step number five nomadic living. Step number six departing process. I hope you enjoy this episode

Mr. B: Hey hello Jack how are you today?
Jack: Very good how about you Mister B?
Mr. B: Pretty good as well.This is the second episode so the topic today is digital nomad life system.
Mr. B: So this is something we you have talked about for quite a while now right?
Jack: Yeah we've been talking about this for over six months from now.
Mr. B: Yes so basically what we did here it's we always had kind of the motto in our minds to how to you know lived his digital nomad lifestyle and we we try to systematize and put on on the paper basically like we we try to come up with steps of how we do things. And what is the best way to live a fully optimized digital nomad life. On its broadest possible understanding the digital nomad life system at least the way I see it is this road map for people to transition from a normal stable life into a fully optimize digital normal life. Do you think that's a fair assumption?
Jack: Yes I I think you're very on point with the what this system is going to do. And I think this system will help a lot of one of the wanna be digital nomad out there.
Mr. B: Yes.
Jack: If they do think digital nomad is the way to live. Speaking of which is to system right yes so every system has different steps.
Mr. B: Yes.
Jack: How many steps do you have for the system?
Mr. B: So we have six steps here the nature of the system is kind of cyclical so the first step which is called the nomadic life prep would be the only step in which you would do once and you would be done with it. The other five steps would be kind of a cycle in which you would always go through whenever you're changing location or what they call a base. So when you moving from one base to another you would need to repeat the same cycle of step to number six I know that when I talk like that in this podcast format they might sound a little bit abstract and hard to grasp, but I hope that as we we describe the system in this episode you gonna to better understand what we talking about and also Jack put a very informative diagram in our show notes for this episode. So if you want a visual representation of the system please check the show notes.
Jack: The diagram made and the show notes can quite clearly describe what the system is about.
Mr. B: Yep.
Jack: So this is like the structure of what Nomad Tactics is going to do in the future it how are we going to do is the contents in the future.
Mr. B: Yeah in the sense that whatever advice we give in the future here at the moment thank takes whatever topic we're covering we going out always try to situate that specific advice on its correspondent step in the system. So certain things are appropriate to be dawn on step number two certain things are preferred to be done then step number three and so on. So there's going to be kind of the as I said the road map in which people gonna know when they should be worrying about each of the topics we will present.
Jack: The system is basically gives the wanna-be digital nomads to know when they should do certain steps you during their transitions and pretty sure this is a very detailed detail system.
Mr. B: Yes very nitty griddy explanation as a system yeah.
Jack: Yes.
Mr. B: I mean today we gonna give an overview in each step has a lot of topics within it so each step of the system will be explained on a number of podcast episodes but today we gonna talk about some examples of topic in each step of the system we're going to give a generous direction but that's pretty much it it's just an overview.
Jack: I see it makes sense this is a more simplified version of the system so the audience can digested easily.
Mr. B: Have an initial understanding of we are talking about.
Jack: So go into the first step of the system I think it's quite straightforward before anyone wants to go on the digital nomad trip he has to prepare something.
Mr. B: Yes.
Jack: And the the first step what we call this nomadic life prepping.
Mr. B: Yet.
Jack: Here you list like three substeps or items on your this steps. Why don't you talk about it?
Mr. B: Yeah as the name of the steps suggest though if the first steps to just. It's called the nomadic life prep. In this step you will be living in your normal let's say nine to five reality and reality yes that's a Good word to describe when
Jack: We are all in Truman Shows.
Mr. B: Yes and.
Mr. B: You for one reason or another we'll have decided look I want to have these digital nomad life a goal so I feel like there are certain things that you should do at that stage in order to set the right foundations. Because a lot of the time I see people rushing things like I want to be a digital nomad and they don't lay out the right foundation and then they run into a number of problems you know so I think it's very important for people to have a a basic preparation one could say a basic consideration about the the main things in your nomadic life.
Jack: Yes so when you say the the foundation of the nomadic prepping can I understand it as when people go on a digital nomad trip. They have to be sure to mentally prepare for the digital nomad or they need to get their finance sorted for example.
Mr. B: Yeah I mean there are three main areas that I think are the most essential for someone to think about in this the nomadic life prep and desire.The financial considerations, the logistical considerations and a psychological or mindset considerations and I mean we're not going to go into a lot of the details of any of those things today because it's an overview today. But basically you got to get your finances in order you gotta you know see if you make enough money every month if you make the minimum of the money necessary to live the digital nomad lifestyle . Make sure you have the remote work arrangement either with the company or the freelance other things logistics you gotta know what you're going to do with your current house if you own a house.
Jack: Yeah.
Mr. B: Which years are gonna take on the road and. And finally won one last section that you also just mentioned and I think not many people think about has to do with the mindset. So you got to think is the digital nomad lifestyle something I can do something I can I can live by.
Mr. B: More importantly we Y. enjoyed the digital nomad lifestyle and this are kind of.
Jack: The hard questions to to answer if you're just sitting at home because sometimes the digital nomad lifestyle seem to be like a very interesting and exciting lifestyle. So what we suggest people is to do a couple of experimentation like trial trips where they would go near their home cities and and try to live the digital nomad lifestyle for one or two weeks. Just to see if they can do that if they have enough discipline if they have the self-reliance necessary to be by themselves and to go to a new place all on their own. And also if they actually enjoy that because in the end of the day they might have a picture of very romanticized picture in their head oh is going to be super cool but when they get there and when they started doing that they feel like well maybe that's not really my thing.
Jack: Yeah I do agree it's almost like test driving a car before buying.
Mr. B: Yes.
Jack: And so so you mentioned the three items here is the finance logistical and psychology.
Mr. B: Yep.
Jack: That's that's interesting so so that's the basic prepping of a norman if you want to be a digital nomad and so I think the next quite also straightforward thing is you need to select a place to go or else you don't travel as digital nomad so here you you name the the second step as base pre planning that I really spent a lot of time coming with the name.
Mr. B: Yeah.
Jack: And from my understanding is it is the time or phrase of when a digital nomad selecting a base do consider his own condition.
Mr. B: Yeah so yeah the main idea with the second step database pre planning is that you got to consider the main variables related to your base. So just a quick recap of a base is basically a place a digital nomad to stay for awhile so of a temporary home but you can understand that so the base pre planning simply means you got to think about this crucial questions related to your base where are you going are you going to city X. or Y. is going to Bangkok or are you going to Ho Chi Minh city, how long you staying there? Who you going with? Which season are you going there?
So these are kind of the main variables you would think about and we got to surely talk about each of those variables in specific podcast episodes but deserved like the overall details you need to kind of decide in advance before you start actually planning for that specific base. And for example the selecting the specific place in which you will live in your new base. We have come up with some sort of criteria to help you decide. Wo we thought about the main things you should consider. So does this city has X and has the city has Y does the city has whatever and based on that criteria you can better decide where should you go and where should be your next base.
Jack: So once you decide to let's say how long you can stay there and when are you going, where are you going. And the thing we are go into the next step which is step number three base research and arrangement. What is nomad should do in this particular step?
Mr. B: So the idea here is that once you decide all these variables where you're going, how long with who. You're gonna do some in-depth research and you go to do the initial arrangements the initial bookings for the place. And the very broad step so we suggest moments to do a couple different things here this goes from researching the cost of living to making the booking arrangements of accommodation, transportation this kind of stuff. As well as some more specific stuff I would say more unusual stuff perhaps and this are searching for some minor details that are non the less important. So we will have a very interesting episode on what we call base specific details. This basically are some as they just said small things like what is the basic currency conversion what are the main apps used on the country, what are the key phrases I gotta learn before I get there, which sim card or data plan is the best for me to get? There all the small things but if you research does in advance you're going to be able to have a more effective stay. A more smooth sailing when you get there.
Along other things so base research and arrangements you have decided your basin the previous step now you doing this research and this arrangements for your soon-to-be new base. I think you you always do that quite well Jack, I have noticed that once you decided on the base you. You always research quite in-depth and sometimes you you came up with some pretty interesting planning for research.
Jack: Yes I would say so yeah like to go around. Once I decide the base I like to go around to see whether they are like a traction for example yeah or if they're the interesting restaurant to check out. Or maybe there's some interesting experience yes maybe like there's a hiking I could go. Or maybe there's meetup, this was kinda interesting for me yeah.
Mr. B: Yes this was something that you opened my eyes to in one sense uhhh... And we will talk about this in a certain episode but there are certain things you should do in the place in order to really feel like you experience the place right?
Jack: Yeah I do think that the thing there are certain activities
Mr. B: But anyway let's let's avoid this.
Jack: Yeah they're not going to too deep into this system yet the system because we surely gonna have more episode about this. And so okay sure once a nomad got there, he gonna research the place of course you gonna go there.
Mr. B: Yes.
Jack: So to me sounds like it's a very straight forward process you just go there. Put your bags down and you start your life.
Mr. B: Yeah.
Jack: But I'm sure in the system we have something better for the nomads.
Mr. B: So yeah I'm in the next step step number four of the system is the arriving process. This can be basically understood as the first actions the first things the nomad should do once he gets to a new base and the reason why I came up with this step is because in my personal life I always thought was kind of hit and miss in the sense that sometimes I went to a new place and I felt like everything is kind of running smoothly and you know I can be properly leaving here but sometimes I arrive in the new place and I feel like, you know, I always need to be doing something that I forgot to do in the beginning and maybe the stay won't be as enjoyable there. So we fought about a couple things that we always suggest nnomads to do once they get there perhaps in one to two weeks I would say.
This is just to give a few examples: looking for the key locations in the new base. These are the GM pharmacy a supermarket public transport tub stuff like that. Bulk buying things in the discount supermarket when you get there. Building a social circle for you people for you to hang out in your new base. This can be either locals or other digital nomads but I think being a digital nomad social circle it's quite essential here.
So yeah. A broad topic we gonna have a couple of podcast episodes about that in in essence that's more less what you should do in this step.
Jack: I see so that's step number four arriving process and moving on to the next step which is step number five nomadic living. This to me is a really broad step for the whole system.
Mr. B: Yeah.
Jack: So you basically sort of covers all the aspects of a digital meant life right?
Mr. B: Yeah so as you said in the step number five nomadic living. You have a really broad step, perhaps is the broadest awful it can be basically understood as all the advice that would be relevant to a digital nomad when he's living in a base. As you can probably imagine this is very much context sensitive so if you are in Canada let's say this sort of advice that would be relevant to you will be very different than if you are in China. Perhaps there will be some overlap also the digital nomad advice that is is good for someone living in Canada and someone leaving China but there will be a lot of context sensibility their so the great majority of our podcast episodes. Will fall under this specific step of the system I mean just for the sake of example, some of the topics we gonna talk about in this step are how to solo travel talk about work play balance, talk about avoiding scams, talk about diseases like mosquito borne diseases stuff like that.
Jack: I see so beside you real love mosquitos

Mr. B: Don't know why but I I find the the topic of mosquito borne disease interesting. I feel a research it so much for some destinations that. I'm retty much an expert by now.
Jack: Yeah I would say so, yes so yes so obviously as a nomad live in the place for around may one to three months or longer.
Mr. B: It depends. Perhaps that's the average
Jack: Cuz most visa allows like three yeah that's true yes so.
Mr. B: Then the nomadic living step would take as long as someone is willing to live in in that specific base, so you want to live five months he. He going to be in this step let's say of this system for five months.
Jack: Yeah.
Mr. B: If he's living only two months going to be less.
Jack: So every nomad as to say goodbye to the base maybe he would come back or maybe will never come back. I'm sure you gonna say goodbye to your friends maybe the maybe get their contact numbers yeah. What does this system suggest you do in this step number six departing process.
Mr. B: Yeah so the departure process is the last step in the system and in the same way that there are certain things we suggest that digital nomads to do when they get to a new base there are also certain things that we suggest the digital nomads to do when they are leaving a place And there are not that many things here but since they were important things we decided to to create its own step for the departure process this will probably take one to two weeks as well and just for the sake off giving examples. Some of the things we will call over here are your Airbnb review, how to avoid bad reviews, what if you get that bad there BMB review what should you do. Also as you mentioned this kind of CRM one could callof keeping contacts from the base you just stay. How to properly keep in touch with people also you got to start to think about your next base as we suggested in the beginning of this podcast this whole system is kind of cyclical so from the departing process you're gonna go back into the second step of the system which is the base pre planning, because you got to be thinking about the next base which will be living also before you depart your old base. You got to start preplanning for the new base and doing the base research and arrangements for the new base.

So if you want a summary for the departure Ithink that's pretty much it.
Jack: I see so this system is like a wheel keeps on spinning.
Mr. B: Yes as long as you want to keep the digital nomad life you're gonna go through step two three four five six two three four five six.
Jack: Yeah so I think that's a pretty good overview of the system. So do you want to add anything to this episode.
Mr. B: Just two things, first of all, I would encourage people to go to our website and look at the show notes because we have a diagram there that is very informative for you to better conceptualize, better understand, this digital nomad life system and finally one important point is the following the future podcast episodes will not necessarily correspond with the order of the digital nomad life system what do I mean here is the following.
Maybe next episode we gonna talk about a topic that we will fall under step number two but after that we might talk about something that falls under step number one of the system. Then after that we gonna talk about something that falls under step number five of the system so in terms of the episodes order. It's going to be a little bit chaotic we not going to follow the same order of the system.
Jack: Yes so the uploading schedule of the episodes would be random.
Mr. B: If you compare to the order of the system yeah it's it's kind of random.
Jack: A pretty sure that's the end of the episode. Of course if you enjoyed this episode please make sure to leave a good rating on the platform you're listening and so leave a comment. And if you want to follow us you can go on the social media like Facebook Twitter and Instagram. Finally like Mr be just mention if you want to detail of this episode you go on our website Norman Tactics dot com. And I think that's pretty much it Mister B..
Mr. B: Yep thank you very much.
Jack: Thank you.

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