What is Nomad Tactics? – Podcast 001

In this episode B and Jack discuss what is the aim of Nomad Tactics as well as the unique selling point of the brand. Also, the hosts talk about their backgrounds and how they started their digital nomad life.

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1. Summary

1.1. The background of the podcast hosts [1:30]

    • B: Originally from Latin America Mr. B went to the UK for university. From the UK he went on a solo trip to Japan where he met a digital nomad that explained to him his lifestyle. He decided that this was the lifestyle he would like to pursue after university. He worked on a couple of different businesses in his digital nomad journey. Also, he visited over 60 countries along the way.
    • Jack: University dropout. Went to Thailand for backpacking and there he discovered the digital nomad community. After discovering the community, he started his own journey as a digital nomad. He has worked mostly with digital marketing.

1.2. What is a digital nomad [7:09]

    • The term digital nomad has two aspects one related to work and one related to travel.
      • The word “digital” refers to this work aspect of the term digital nomad. So, in terms of this work aspect, a digital nomad can be understood as someone that works remotely.
      • The word “nomad” refers to this travel aspect of the term digital nomad. So, in terms of this travel aspect, a digital nomad can be understood as someone who has a nomadic lifestyle. A nomad lifestyle can be comprehended as the lifestyle of someone that stays in different bases (i.e. a temporary home) around the world.

1.3. What is the aim of Nomad Tactics [8:47]

    • Provide the most relevant advice and strategies for the digital nomad lifestyle in the broadest sense.
    • When you start your digital nomad lifestyle you will realize that travel brings about a new set of challenges. This will require you to adapt the things you previously did in your day-to-day life to this new nomadic reality. We are here to help.

1.4. What makes Nomad Tactics different [11:11]

    • We incorporate all the advice we give in the frame of our system for digital nomads. If you would like to have an overview of the system you can check out this episode on our so-called Digital Nomad Life System.
    • We advise on a broad range of subjects and areas.
      • We do not focus only on the remote work aspect of the digital nomad life. Even though this is an extremely important subject, and we will surely cover it, we will go beyond that.
      • Nomad Tactics will talk about the many spheres of life of a nomad. This includes nomad health and fitness, digital nomad finances, social life as a nomad, romantic life as a nomad, adventure travel, travel planning, remote work, travel photography… among other things.

2. Transcript

Mr. B: Hey, hello, welcome to the Norman Tactics podcast. Here we provide life optimizing tips and systems for digital nomads. I'm your host B. and I'm join with the co host Jack. Today it's our first episode and we gonna talk about what is Nomad Tactics. I will start with a quick summary of the episode.
First me and Jack going to provide a little bit of our background as that podcast hosts. After that we going to discuss what is a digital nomad how can we define such term. Then we going to provide the main aims are nomad tactics the purpose behind the brand. And finally we gonna discuss what do we think are our unique selling points what make us different from the other brands within the same niche I hope you enjoy this episode.
Jack: So Hey hello Mr. B.
Mr. B: Hey hello.
Jack: How's going on today.
Mr. B: Very good actually sunny day here in Taiwan. the winter is not that bad I'm happy with that.
Jack: Yeah wait till summer you will see
Mr. B: K. let's see.
Jack: Yes so this is our first episode of Norman tactics podcast.
Mr. B: Yet.
Jack: I think I hope the audience wants to know who we are the hosts and so Mister B. I think you will be fair to start where do you come from?
Mr. B: So I was born in Latin America and I grow up there till high school, I believe, yeah I believe, then I went to Canada.
Jack: You believe you go up to high school.
Mr. B: I believe themy if my memory doesn't mislead me.
Jack: Yeah okay.
Mr. B: and then yeah so I went to Canada for high school. Went back to Latin America for some time and then finally decided to go to uni in the U. K..
Mr. B: What about you.
Jack: I'm from Asia.
Mr. B: I see.
Jack: And I sadly didn't finish the college I wish in the future I have the time to redo it again.
Jack: And.
Mr. B: You you are more or less than that wait a couple of years ago that. College, there's no point to do in college kind of.
Jack: I I still think that's the case if if the reason you're going to college is simply to have a job.
Mr. B: Yeah.
Jack: I think that that doesn't serve much purpose of college I feel like if you go to college is simply for the joy of study.
Mr. B: Yeah I feel like at the very least a mix of both.
Jack: Yeah hopefully yeah.
Mr. B: maybe I agree with that anyway I'm think I think also a good thing to talk about in our backgrounds has to do with like how we first encountered the digital nomad lifestyle or something like that. How how was your first encounter?
Jack: So like I said I didn't finish college and during that time from eighteen to twenty two I went on the backpacker journey to Thailand.
Mr. B: Thailand.
Jack: Thailand then the the I think there's a friend in Bangkok suggest edme I can go check out Chiang Mai and when I was in Chiang Mai I meant a friend who is already a digital nomad. He kind of pointed out the there there is actually a community and but it is possible to earn money online.
Mr. B: And Chiang mai's has a huge community
Jack: Yeah it is yes so how about you.
Mr. B: So me as I said they stated in the U. K. so I believe in my second year I decided to visit Japan when I was in Osaka. I remember that I went to this coffee shop I think I was waiting my friend there. And I saw this foreigner like a couple of tables away and they start talking and all. When foreigners see each other especially in Asia I feel like there is a.
Jack: In Asia.
Mr. B: no it's true because you don't see many Caucasians.
Jack: Yeah.
Mr. B: Then we we started to talk and I ask him what do you do and he said that. No sorry he said that I work in a Canadian finance firm. And I said oh cool so you are like traveling here for holiday or is it a business trip and is that no actually I'm living here in Japan but I work online. It doesn't really matter where I am. And then I said the is that possible and I was really shocked at first you know like. It was my first encounter I was quite young back then. That thing really stuck with me. You know I thought it's so cool you know you can be anywhere and you can be traveling and working from wherever. So I went back to the UK to finish my degree which I eventually eventually finish. I always had this thought in mine when they finish I wanna try something like that I wanna try this quote unquote digital nomad lifestyle.
So that's basically what I did try to a couple of different things
Mr. B: Quite a good journal I've been to to quite a few places in this period I would say around sixty countries. I mean maybe maybe some were before that
Jack: Those are a big number, yeah, I feel that people are really proud of how many countries they have been.
Mr. B: I think is one of the metrics yeah but as we both discussed before
Jack: So yeah the Mr B, the way we met yeah I believe it's in a photography convention.
Mr. B: Yeah that's it here in Asia right where.
Jack: Yeah.
Mr. B: And we we you are in this photography convention I yeah used to take photos I mean still do but used to take more photo
Jack: I only take with my phone now.
Mr. B: You kind of gave up on the more professional life of photography.
Jack: Being a photographer sounds cool but.
Mr. B: Yeah.
Mr. B: But then we went to the trip in Vietnam with a common friend. And you guys back then were business partners and then the partnership ended. And me and you decided to try to do some business together. So we...
We tried a couple different things, some things went pretty well other things not so well.
Jack: Yeah.
Mr. B: But here we are one more project momad tactics yes I believe that's that's enough for now for our background. We can you know disclose things
along the way.
Jack: yeah hopefully we're gonna talk more about ourselves in the future.
Mr. B: Yeah.
Jack: So now since we are the podcast Norman tactics podcast is about traveling and digital nomads.
Mr. B: Yeah.
Jack: I think we'll be kinda nice to kind of give the audience how we define digital nomad.
Mr. B: Yes I agree with you our niche is primarily digital nomads so it makes sense totally.
Mr. B: The way I like to see it the term digital nomad has two aspects related to it. So you have a work aspect and you have a travel aspect so the word Digitel refers to this work aspect. More specifically I would say a digital nomad is someone that works remotely. Usually through a digital means as did the words nomad would refers to travel aspect of the term a digital nomad can be kind of understood as someone that has the nomadic lifestyle where he going to be living in different places throughout the year perhaps a couple of months in one place and then moved to another place. And he gonna be staying on what usually the digital nomads call bases, which is this temporary home so that's more or less how it would define, but again there's a very broad term a very broad definition.
Jack: All right I think that's a good explanation of what we think about digital nomads and now let's go into the main purpose of today's episode.
Jack: What are we gonna do with nomad tactics.
Mr. B: So me and you we discussed quite a bit about what would be doing the main purpose behind a brand on nomad tactics that we are creating right now. I mean in very broad terms the way I'd like to see it is more or less like this. we want to provide the most adequate advice and strategies for digital nomads to live did the best life they can. the the most optimize digital nomad lifestyle it is possible for someone to to live. And the reason why this is a problem in the first place is because you know when you're living your stable life back in your home country. A lot of the things you took for granted but when you started this new nomadic life you gonna realize digital nomad life you're going to realize that many of the things that you once took for granted will become new challenges and this is specially the case because travel creates a whole range of unstable in certain situations that require you to adapt on many things it's like things that once looked very familiar.
Jack: Yes we're trying to say is the person doing that's a nine to five jobs so he can go to work he knows when to go to work but now he's traveling he's probably his own boss whatever that mean is.
Mr. B: Not necessary but yeah it could be that could be already an issue yes yes so you don't know.
Jack: When should I work?
Mr. B: Yeah.
Jack: When should not work yeah it's also not a problem.
Mr. B: Where should I work?
Jack: Yeah that's not really a big issue right.
Mr. B: It could be in the sense that if your work and home a lot of people have problems in being unproductive related to the. Anyway that the overall theme here is that we want to provide the strategies for you to live well as a digital nomad in the broadest possible sense.
Jack: Yes Mr B so I think you provide a good direction of what Norman Tactics gonna go in the future. But Mr B. I don't know do you have this worry or not. I I see a lot of people providing digital nomad content online hello to wonder what makes us stand out.
Mr. B: So yeah I would start by first agreeing with you that there is already quite a lot of digital nomad content online. And to be very honest some of this content is quite good. But still I would say. We have two unique selling points the first one. It has to do with our systematic approach to things. We try to come up with something that we called the digital nomad life system, which basically it's the six-step system for how can someone go from a non-nomadical life to an optimized digital nomad life. And yeah this six step provides kind of day the map of how you can do this transition.
Jack: Speaking of transition, I'm pretty sure Tim Ferriss the four hours workweek we talk about how the transition from a normal job into digital nomad job.
Mr. B: Yes.
Jack: So are other any similarity in here or they are totally different.
Mr. B: Of course both can be seen as more less systems but I feel like the the subject matter is slightly different. Tim Ferries talks about how you can optimize your working life in a way that everything gonna be optimized at the end and you know we're going to be able to do whatever you want. Our system has more to do with how can you optimize your digital nomad life, so we gonna emphasize more the day today how-to's we gonna try to tackle the problems a digital nomad brewing counter in his normal daily life more. So I feel like the the emphasis of the system is slightly different.
Jack: I see so you're saying we have a system.
Mr. B: Yeah that's right.
Jack: But I do see a lot of content providers they have this kind of how to use this kind of tips and it sounds like we are doing almost the same thing why this makes us difference.
Mr. B: Why...?
Jack: Why having a system makes us stand out?
Mr. B: So yeah as you said there is a lot of how-to's and techniques and tips on this digital nomad niche. But the difference between having a system behind those or not is that if you don't have a system things look a bit isolated they lack a sort of context the lack of sort of unity. So I think the big benefit of having a system is that things make more sense and you can understand them uh the logical progressions are things better. So we gonna actively always try to place whatever topic we are talking about in a certain step of our system, in order for people to better comprehend what we are talking about and how to achieve that thing. You know what I mean?
Jack: I see, so it's more we have a more holistic view of the digit Norman life.
Mr. B: That's yeah more or less that's more or less it. And we always will be framing things within the context of the system so if you're talking about X. X. is whatever topic related to the digital nomad life. We always gonna say oh this topic going to be directly related to this step in our system you understand?
Jack: I see so people can relate to more of when to do the steps? when is the times of when should you consider this yeah I see so I believe there's another selling point of our system is the other people they are focusing mostly on work.
Mr. B: Yes.
Jack: And I think we have something different right?
Mr. B: Yeah so yeah as you said most of the digital nomad advice right now focus on remote work I feel at least. Even though remote work it's an extremely important subject because after all that's how you finance your your digital nomad lifestyle and we will talk about this topic off remote work it seems to me that this over emphasis on the topic is misleading because you know they did you don't know my life goals way beyond that goes way beyond.
Jack: what sure but what else we're going to explore in this digital nomad podcast?
Mr. B: So yes quite many things you know I don't know if I can provide you the comprehensive list because we still adding things but some some examples would be something like nomad health and fitness, digital nomad finances more specifically five flags, social life as a nomad and even romantic life as an nomad adventure trips. How to properly plan your travels. Some more specific things I would say like travel photography so these are just some of the examples of the things we we hope to tackle here at moment tactics.
Jack: so if you enjoyed this episode please make sure to leave a review and rating on your listening platform and you can follow us on all the different social media Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and finally if you want the details from the it's about this episode you can go on nomadtactics.com thank you very much.
Mr. B: Thank you.

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